Save Green. Go Green.

Go Green

Being budget and environmentally conscious.

As your Utah community bank, we’re committed to thinking globally and acting locally. That’s why we offer the ability to bank, pay bills, receive statements and more online. Together we can save all kinds of valuable resources, from trees to your hard-earned paper. Making some of these small changes can make a big difference, in your wallet and the world.

1. Lighten up
Replace your old, outdated incandescent light bulbs with new, energy-efficient fluorescents. And don’t forget to switch them off when you leave the room.

2. Unplug
Disconnect your appliances from outlets or turn power strips on standby when they are not being used.

3. Recycle
Bring your bottles, cans and other acceptable items to your local grocery to be renewed. This positive change will save you some.

4. Repurpose
Find other functions for already used goods, or turn them into a creative DIY project.

5. Reuse
Ditch the disposable coffee cups for refillable ones. Some shops will even give you a small discount if you use an eco-friendly mug for your morning cup of joe.

6. Go paperless
Cut down costs and clutter - not trees - when you sign up for simple eStatements.

7. Chill out
Cool off your heating bill by turning down the thermostat, your on your hot water heater and washing your clothes in cold water.

8. Pay online
Eliminate the need for bills, stamps, envelopes and other pricy paper products with Online Bill Pay.

9. Tap that
Turn off the water when you’re polishing your pearly whites, take shorter showers, and get those leaky faucets fixed.

10. Get popping
Cut out checks and send money directly to anyone by phone or email with Popmoney.

11. Clean green
Use inexpensive, everyday household items such as lemon, baking soda and non-toxic vinegar for some nice, fresh air.

12. Get growing
Plant a garden and create your own crop of fresh fruits, veggies and herbs.

13. Drive on
Trade in for an eco-friendly car that’s good on gas. We make it easy with low-rate auto loans.

14. Be direct
Make money matters easier on you and the environment by setting your pay checks to automatically deposit into your account with Direct Deposit.

15. Take two
Bringing leftovers for lunch will save you and the planet.

Take your first step towards going green!
Sign up for any of our easy, efficient, eco-friendly banking services including Popmoney, eStatements, Online Bill Pay, and Direct Deposit.

For more information about our green initiatives and online banking services, contact us or visit one of our offices.