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For mortgages, various loans and interest-earning accounts, find out how Capital Community Bank’s rates give you the financial advantage.

Checking, Money Market and Savings Accounts
Rates Effective: 10/24/19
AccountMinimum Balance to Obtain Annual Percentage YieldInterest RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum Opening Deposit
Personal Manager Plus Checking$5,0000.400.40$25
Business Manager Plus Checking$10,0000.400.40$25
Personal Manager CheckingN/AN/A$25
Business Manager CheckingN/AN/A$25
NOW Checking(1)0.10%0.10%$25
Institutional NOW Checking(1)$0-$99,999.990.20%0.20%$25
 $250,000 and up0.30%0.30%$25
Interest on Lawyer's Trust Account(1)0.10%0.10%$25
Money Market Account(1)$0-$19,999.990.30%0.30%$25
 $100,000 and up0.50%0.50%$25
Savings Account(1)0.20%0.20%$25
Traditional Fixed-Rate 18 Month IRA (2)1.30%1.30%$25
CD Accounts
Rates Effective: 10/24/19
AccountTermInterest RateAPY(1)
Certificates of Deposit (2) $1,000 Minimum to Open1 - 5 Months0.50%0.50%
 6 months0.80%0.80%
 24 months1.65%1.65%
 36 months1.80%1.80%
 60 months and over2.10%2.10%
Certificates of Deposit $1,000 Minimum to Open12 months1.50%1.50%
Jumbo Certificates of Deposit (2) $100,000 Minimum to Open1 - 5 months0.60%0.60%
 6 months0.90%0.90%
 12 months1.60%1.60%
 36 months1.90%1.90%
 60 months and over2.20%2.20%
 24 months1.75%1.75%

Fees could reduce the earnings on the account.
Customers may call to obtain the most current rate information.
No minimum balance required to obtain Annual Percentage Yield.

(1) The interest rate and APY may change after account opening.
(2)  A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.