Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Make debit card payments through your phone.

Offered by Capital Community Bank (CCBank), mobile wallets allow you to pay for items with our free MasterCard debit card using your mobile phone. Our debit card is compatible with the major mobile wallets, including the popular Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. These mobile applications permit you to securely store your CCBank MasterCard debit card on your handheld device. Rather than carrying around your physical card, mobile wallets reduce the risk of identity theft and a lost card, while expediting purchases faster through an app. With mobile wallets, you can safely and conveniently make purchases through your phone at participating retail stores or online ecommerce sites.

Explore how mobile wallets compatible with CCBank can make your payments, faster, easier and more secure:

  • Compatibility: download or activate the app that is most compatible with your device – Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Promotions: take advantage of exclusive offers from retailers and the Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay payment systems.
  • Rewards: earn points on every purchase you make using your CCBank debit card with UChoose Rewards via mobile wallets. More »
  • Security: reduce ID theft, because the last four digits of your digital mobile wallets are different than your physical debit card.  More »
  • Convenience: make payments quickly and easily from your phone in stores or online without carrying your debit card. More »


If you need help with mobile wallets, please contact a CCBank customer service representative today.
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Secure your debit card payments with mobile wallets.
Considered more secure than physical cards, mobile wallets ensure your personal information is protected by utilizing encryption within each payment system. The applications utilize extra safety precautions, such as requiring fingerprint authentication, personal identification numbers, and more methods to discourage identity theft. Making it more difficult for fraudulent activity, mobile wallets offer a safe, secure means to pay with your debit card through your handheld device.


Apple Pay Google Pay  Samsung Pay 

In-App Purchases

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NFC (Near Field Communications) Payments x  x  x
Touch ID Device Requirement
Touch ID Authentication
MST (Magnetic Secure Transmissions) Payments


To take advantage of mobile wallets, add your CCBank debit card to the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay app today.