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We’re always excited about the latest news coming out of our branch offices and the local events and charitable functions we support. Please check in often to stay updated on everything going on at Capital Community Bank.

Holiday Helpers – Banking Solutions

Dec 01, 2017
‘Tis the season for Capital Community Bank (CCBank) to share the many ways we can help you to afford the holidays. For many throughout Utah, the end of the calendar year means more spending at social gatherings, such as winter warmers, work parties, outdoor activities, and more. In addition to these costly seasonal events, it’s customary for friends and family to exchange pricey gifts during this time of year. So, how will you show you care… without breaking the bank? To help you spread more holiday cheer, CCBank offers a number of flexible financial services.
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Showing Gratitude – Community Involvement

Nov 19, 2017
In time for Thanksgiving, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) is encouraging community involvement throughout Utah this month and all year round. As a financial institution focused on our valued customers, our mission is to improve the financial and social health of our service area. Providing low-cost solutions that foster positive growth, CCBank concentrates our banking services here in the state. This allows us to support nearby schools and charities, finance construction for regional homes and businesses, as well as serve Utah residents better. For the past year, we were pleased to contribute time and money to many deserving organizations and events that enrich lives at the local level.
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Safe and Secure – Banking Online

Oct 01, 2017
In conjunction with National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), Capital Community Bank (CCBank) is offering helpful tips and resources for safe and secure online banking. Ensuring that you can bank electronically with confidence, we employ skilled professionals to manage our banking systems, while protecting your online accounts with multiple security measures. Besides the security personnel and protocols that we have in place, you can also do your part to bank safely online. When you’re banking online, always use a computer or device that you trust, log out after finishing an online banking session, and contact CCBank right away if you spot any suspicious activity.
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Convenient Services – Banking Solutions

Sep 01, 2017
Because we know you’re busy, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) reminds you of the many convenient ways to bank with your local community financial institution. CCBank offers several solutions intended to fit your life, saving you time, money and effort with everyday banking transactions. With multiple possibilities from your friendly neighborhood bank, learn how to manage your finances easier, while focusing more on the things you love to do. Best of all, most of these perks come with being a customer with us!
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Banking On The Go – Mobile Services

Aug 01, 2017
This August, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) wants you to be aware of several available solutions that will make banking with us easier and more efficient. Founded on simplicity and security, these handy apps and web-based services are free to use, simplifying everyday banking transactions.
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