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We’re always excited about the latest news coming out of our branch offices and the local events and charitable functions we support. Please check in often to stay updated on everything going on at Capital Community Bank.

Perfect Pairs – Complimentary Banking Solutions

Feb 01, 2018
With Valentine’s Day this month, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) is promoting some of our most attractive product pairings. These complementary offerings work well together, enhancing the way you handle your day-to-day finances. Whether you’re looking to save more or spend better, we’ve put together some banking solutions to manage multiple accounts, make easier transactions and secure your funds.
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5-Star Rated by BauerFinancial, Inc. for 2018

Jan 09, 2018
For 2018, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) is rated 5-Star for financial strength by BauerFinancial, Inc., the nation’s leading bank rating firm. BauerFinancial rates all banks and credit unions on a zero-to-five star scale with 5-stars being the strongest. BauerFinancial’s highest rating, a 5-Star “Superior” rating indicates, among other things, that this institution has at least twice the capital that regulators require, is profitable and has kept its delinquent loans in check. CCBank can be found on Bauer’s Recommended Bank Report.
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New For You – Helpful Banking Solutions

Jan 01, 2018
For 2018, Capital Community Bank encourages you to simplify your financial transactions with support from your friendly, neighborhood financial institution. CCBank wants to add value to the lives of our appreciated customers, so that’s why we offer easy-to-use products and efficient services intended to maximize your time, money and effort. Throughout the year, take advantage of our special offers and financial tips, promoted monthly in our branches and through our online channels. You can also frequent our web-based careers portal to see what job positions might interest you at CCBank. We’d love to have you join our team in the coming months!
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Holiday Helpers – Banking Solutions

Dec 01, 2017
‘Tis the season for Capital Community Bank (CCBank) to share the many ways we can help you to afford the holidays. For many throughout Utah, the end of the calendar year means more spending at social gatherings, such as winter warmers, work parties, outdoor activities, and more. In addition to these costly seasonal events, it’s customary for friends and family to exchange pricey gifts during this time of year. So, how will you show you care… without breaking the bank? To help you spread more holiday cheer, CCBank offers a number of flexible financial services.
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Showing Gratitude – Community Involvement

Nov 19, 2017
In time for Thanksgiving, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) is encouraging community involvement throughout Utah this month and all year round. As a financial institution focused on our valued customers, our mission is to improve the financial and social health of our service area. Providing low-cost solutions that foster positive growth, CCBank concentrates our banking services here in the state. This allows us to support nearby schools and charities, finance construction for regional homes and businesses, as well as serve Utah residents better. For the past year, we were pleased to contribute time and money to many deserving organizations and events that enrich lives at the local level.
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