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We’re always excited about the latest news coming out of our branch offices and the local events and charitable functions we support. Please check in often to stay updated on everything going on at Capital Community Bank.

Be Merry – Helpful Holiday Solutions

Dec 01, 2018
This December, Capital Community Bank is here to help you spread more cheer for the holidays with products and services aimed to make the season a little more manageable. We understand that this time of year can be stressful with buying expensive gifts, attending holiday parties and visiting friends and family. Your friendly neighborhood bank can save you time, money and effort with a host of financial solutions ideal for this time of year.
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Warm Gestures - Pay It Forward

Nov 01, 2018
Inspired by the Thanksgiving holiday, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) is promoting community involvement throughout Utah. Our mission is to improve the financial and social health of our service area, as a bank committed to our friends, families and neighbors. A community bank for over 25 years, CCBank focuses our financial services right here in the state. This local reinvestment allows us to support nearby schools and charities, finance construction for regional homes and businesses, as well as serve residents of Utah better. Over the course of the last year, we are happy to contribute time and funds to many worthwhile organizations and events that enhance lives at the local level.
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Mobile Wallets - Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Oct 01, 2018
Offered by Capital Community Bank (CCBank), mobile wallets allow you to pay for items with our free MasterCard debit card using your mobile phone. Our debit card is compatible with the major mobile wallets, including the popular Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. These mobile applications permit you to securely store your CCBank MasterCard debit card on your handheld device. Rather than carrying around your physical card, mobile wallets reduce the risk of identity theft and a lost card, while expediting purchases faster through an app. With mobile wallets, you can safely and conveniently make purchases through your phone at participating retail stores or online ecommerce sites
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Community Banking

Jul 01, 2018
For July, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) explores what a “community bank” means for you and our neighbors throughout Utah. By definition, a community bank is a commercial bank that derives funds from and lends to the community where it operates and is not affiliated with a multibank holding company. That is CCBank at its core, as our mission is to provide a local community bank that focuses on the financial and social health of our surrounding communities and the state. Available online and in person, we deliver comprehensive banking services to residents of Utah residents from our offices in Orem, Provo, Salem, Sandy and Pleasant Grove, UT, as well as digital devices. Providing valuable solutions for both individuals and small businesses, our community bank offers all the amenities of a big bank at the local level, so you can expect the latest technology with a personal touch. Another benefit of banking with us is our ability to offer low fees and competitive rates right here in the state. Involved in the community, CCBank also consistently gives back to our service area through local activities and charitable donations.
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Go Green – Efficient Banking Solutions

Jun 01, 2018
This June, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) encourages you to go green with saving solutions. Explore our many ways to save time, money, effort – and even the environment! Our diverse products and services are intended to increase your wealth, while reducing inefficiencies in your day-to-day life. From deposit accounts to digital banking, CCBank gives you the tools to worry less about your finances, so you can focus on what matters most. Committed to green initiatives, CCBank also offers products to help you conserve energy and operate more cleanly with solar energy and energy-efficient automobiles. Call or visit any one of our convenient locations throughout Utah to connect with an auto or solar energy loan officer to discuss your options.
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