Making your security a priority

This April, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) is promoting the ways you can protect yourself from today’s threats when banking. Your local Utah community bank provides protection in the branch and on the go, offering technical safeguards, secure services, and helpful tips for worry-free money management.

The following are several ways that you can protect your yourself financially with CCBank:

  • Lost Card: if you can’t find your card, call us right away for immediate assistance in freezing your account and issuing a new credit or debit card.
  • Identity Protection: learn the many ways you can protect against ID theft, including keeping your personal, account and credit card information private.
  • Internet Security: protect yourself online by securing your online banking credentials, ensuring your computer is safe, as well as avoiding phishing schemes and fraudulent websites.
  • Elder Abuse: contact CCBank to get to know your banker, who can alert you of any suspicious activity with your account.
  • Fraud Scam: defend against scams and phishing by never divulging your sensitive information to untrustworthy sources via your phone or computer, being wary “get rich quick” schemes, and always requesting verification for legitimacy.

Offering a safe and secure online banking experience and helpful support for how to safeguard yourself from threats, CCBank is here to help protect you and your assets.

For more information about how CCBank can help you to secure your identity and capital, please contact us.