Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Bank securely online

In conjunction with National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), Capital Community Bank (CCBank) is offering helpful tips and resources for safe and secure online banking. Ensuring that you can bank electronically with confidence, we employ skilled professionals to manage our banking systems, while protecting your online accounts with multiple security measures. Besides the security personnel and protocols that we have in place, you can also do your part to bank safely online. When you’re banking online, always use a computer or device that you trust, log out after finishing an online banking session, and contact CCBank right away if you spot any suspicious activity.

Making your online security a priority, CCBank provides the following safeguards and advice:

  1. ID Theft: protect against identification theft by keeping your personal, account and credit card information private. More >>
  2. Privacy Policy: read our privacy policy that discloses how we collect and share your personal information, as well as the safeguards we have in place. More >>
  3. CardValet: protect against debit card fraud by setting controls on withdrawals and receiving usage alerts via a free app. More >>
  4. Online Authentication: set a strong username and password to log in to your online banking, discouraging hackers from accessing your accounts. More >>
  5. Special Alerts: visit CCBank’s website for security updates regarding your online banking accounts, while setting up balance and transaction alerts via text or email. More >>
  6. Cyber Safety: make sure your Internet usage is safe, securing your online banking credentials on your computer and phone, while avoiding phishing schemes and fraudulent websites. More >>
  7. Phishing Scams: be wary of “get rich quick” schemes, always request verification for legitimacy and never divulge your sensitive information to untrustworthy sources via your phone or computer. More >>
  8. Missing Card: contact us immediately to freeze your account and issue a new credit or debit card if you fear it is lost or stolen. More >>
  9. Elder Abuse: connect with the team at CCBank to look into any suspicious activity with your account, while checking on the validity of online offers. More >>
  10. Internet Security: feel better about electronic banking with CCBank’s firewalls, anti-virus protection, fraud detection systems and web encryptions. More >>


National Cyber Security
Awareness Month

Raise your awareness of how to stay safe and secure online in October.
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Protect yourself on the web
This October, participate in NCSAM and discover how to practice safe banking online with CCBank. Secure your devices, know the online threats, set up alerts, protect your credentials and reach out to us to check on any suspicious activity. Continually enhancing our banking security offerings, CCBank is committed to your online safety.

To learn more about banking safely and securely with CCBank, contact us or visit your local branch