Banking On The Go

Banking on the Go

Bank at your convenience with CCBank

This August, Capital Community Bank (CCBank) wants you to be aware of several available solutions that will make banking with us easier and more efficient. Founded on simplicity and security, these handy apps and web-based services are free to use, simplifying everyday banking transactions.

When you can’t make it to the branch, you can still access your accounts with CCBank’s suite of online and mobile banking services:

  1. Online Banking puts the power of a personal branch on your web browser. More >>
  2. Mobile Banking allows you to bank through our mobile site and native apps on your handheld devices. More >>
  3. Bill Pay makes it possible to pay bills online – quickly, securely and even automatically. More >>
  4. Popmoney lets you send, receive and request money from others through an email address or phone number. More >>
  5. CardValet® gives you control of your debit card activity through a free app. More >>
  6. Telephone Banking permits you to manage your money through a touch-tone telephone. More >>
  7. Wire Transfers offer the ability to send money from your account to another. More >>

Native Apps

Check balances, view account activity, and make transactions with our apps for your smartphone or tablet.

Satisfaction in action
Here from a couple CCBank team members how our innovative products make it easier for them and our customers to bank at their convenience.

"Although I use several of our ‘Banking on the Go’ products, my favorite is definitely our Mobile Banking App. The convenience of being able to have my wife write me a check from her bank account at another institution, and deposit it moments later via the Mobile Deposit feature on our Mobile Banking App makes life far more simple and it also allows us to do these transactions from the comfort of our own home. This allows us to consolidate our finances into one account for bills, such as rent, utilities, and insurance without the mess of going from one bank to another and mixing up our accounts. In this day and age, clients may have accounts at several different financial institutions, and the mobile banking app streamlines the process of transferring funds from one institution to another without having to do a marathon to get from one institution to another. Also, the convenience of being able to do these transactions when the banks are closed allows our customers the flexibility to transfer funds, do a deposit, or pay a bill without having to leave their work, or their home to make it to the bank before 6:00 PM." 
Andy Thomas
CCBank Team Member
"I absolutely adore CardValet. I’ve had so many problems in the past with fraud on my card. That’s why I LOVE CardValet. Plus, it’s a free app, which is so awesome! I haven’t had any problems with my card since I got CardValet. I know it’s because you can choose where your card is allowed to work and you can turn your card ‘on’ or ‘off.’ I also love all of the other cool features that the app offers. CardValet also helps you save money by turning on the controls to set how much you can spend, which has really helped me a ton to save money. I’ve had a couple customers come in with fraud on their card and I’ve told them about the app and how useful it really is. A lot of them loved the idea that they could turn their own card off themselves if it was lost or stolen. Other customers that I’ve mentioned it to before that came back into the bank told me that they love how easy the app is to use and are so happy that they got CardValet. Some have also even mentioned that the parent controls are awesome and super helpful to teach their teenagers how to manage their money better! I love CardValet and everything that it has to offer. Everyone should download the app." 
Tess Beddoes
CCBank Team Member

Bank anytime, anywhere 
Providing 24/7/365 accessibility, these solutions allow you to manage your money from your computer, telephone or handheld device. With banking made to fit your lifestyle, this functionality lets you spend more time doing the things you love. 

To learn more about banking on the go with CCBank, contact us or visit your local branch